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As young architects , we know architecture as a way to achieve higher quality of life and retrieve the lost soul of society.
beyond the different styles and with the consideration of the culture, native traditions, social and economic features of the contex, along with its physical characteristics, Depending on essential usage of the projects, we seek to creat a space that can be the best response to the basic expectations of the users, and also provide a fresh experiment of living environment as well as creating sense of belonging to place and effective interactions.
Therefore, in addition to aesthetic features, this desirable space is in tune with the surrounding environment and society and along with meeting their needs, get developed with their cooperation.
We believed that scope of such a space is not limited to its physical elements, and all tangible and intangible senses are considered in its creation process. Light and shadow, privacy and Congestion, fantasy and reality, all and all along the walls, create the ideal space in audience’s mind and eyes, and the process of architecture design is completed with their participation.

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NAPP Architects

Shabnam Khezeli + Mehrad Habibi


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Creating places that enhance the human experience and improving quality of life with integrated approach

Interior Design

making the best possible use of the available space. Lights, materials, colors and furnitures have an influence on our perceptioin of space, health and efficiency.

Renovation & Revitalization

Reuse of existing resoures and preservation of historical places can maintain our culture, save energy , and reduce the costs.

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Jun 22 2019 / Blog / (0) / 1289

The Hungarian company DOMUS LS held an exhibition in the last November at the Milad tower in Tehran, on the theme of lightweight and portable structures which four different structures...

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