Barg-e Jahan Villa

  • Type: House
  • Location: Tehran, Lavasan, Barg-e-Jahan
  • Client: Derakhshani Family
  • Status: under construction
  • Project Year: 2021
  • Area: 200 m2
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli

The design of this house is the result of efforts to reach an optimal point in terms of compatibility with environmental conditions and the respect for surrounding and rural context..

In process of reaching this point, our main challenge was how to deal with the restrictions of the site and considering the features that the region's special geography provides. The steep slope and the height difference between the two ends of the land as well as the elongated proportions and low width, were the influential factors that required special considerations. Finally, and after going through the design process and evaluating different ways of dealing with mentioned issues, two masses with two different expressions according to their functions, are intertwined and form the main body the house.

A solid stoned volume with a box-like geometry was combined with a brick volume where the main architectural elements are freer and have more diverse angles. This sculptural brick mass flows into the stone mass in accordance with the confusing limits of the house's functions. Faced with small separated spaces, open areas, diversity in length, width and height and in general the proportions of the space It is one of the spatial experiences of the user when entering the inner boundaries of the brick section and moving inside it. In contrast of this more dynamic part, there is a stone cube part, which also has a uniform interior and exterior, without separation and decisive division, according to the functions it covers.

A staircase with a structure without commitment to the overall view, while providing access to the upper part of the slope, turns into a viewpoint to watch the surrounding scenery.

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