Baamgaah Villa

  • Type: House
  • Location: Tehran, Amameh, Shemiranat, Tehran,
  • Client: Ali Rahimi
  • Status: design
  • Project Year: 2020
  • Area: 465 m2
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli

This villa is located in a garden in a greenery village which the natural scenery around is continues far away. A part of the land near the main entrance had been ready for villa construction before. So, with this platform, the project started. In the design process creating the flexible, transparent spaces without definitive boundaries, make it possible for dwellers to new spatial experiences and a new style of life. the way of living other than living in the conventional urban residential units.

In this regard, the required functions were divided into several general categories and placed in the form of spatial masses in the vicinity together. Meanwhile the spatial mass of vertical circulations among floors, is one of the most important and influential parts of this house

The north side of the house with a specific depth is considered for staircase this staircase is more than an access way and it changes in to a continues statue that flows at the height of the house and provides a platform to take place a part of life.

The higher the staircase goes, the more freely it moves on its axis and adds dynamism to the essence of the house dwellers. Its landings extend to the outer shell of the house and its external effects are also felt.

While the lower two floors are flat, a horizontal and vertical break was created on the upper floor in order to establish a visual connection and transparency between these two spaces and the living space on the lower level, while keeping a distance between the rooms and the private living room. In this direction, two wide terraces were formed at different levels with a view of the surrounding landscapes. Finally, a house with a calm and simple appearance and a more dynamic and complex interior was created.

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