Tetris Cafe

  • Type: Cafe
  • Location: Portable
  • Client: Domus Living Solutions co.
  • Status: Design
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Area: 50>44>38 m2
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli
  • Scaffolding Structure Design: Ali Asadi

Tetris café is a portable container café that designed in continuation of the previous container project requested by domus living solutions co.

According to requested larger area than previous project, we decided to use a high cube 40 feet container. So the café is able to have larger kitchen and serve more people.

Main seating area is also considered to be on the roof of the container and it should separate to 2 different section as the client’s comment. “Rest area” and “study area”. To make the seating area a 2 sectional space we needed to add dividing elements to roof top plan.

In addition to container standard area, some attachments were required to provide some possibilities to seating area and also vertical access to it. “sunshades”, “stairs” and “dividing elements”.

To achieve an integrated structure, all this parts merged and we reach 2 general parts for café. One, “Container section” that consist of kitchen, mechanical room and queue area. And another part is “attached structure” that consist of stairs and seating area and its belongings.

Portability feature of café is the reason for consideration the “attached structure” as a dynamic section that make the whole complex adaptable to various sites with different areas.

According to this strategy, after placing the café on specified site, the “container section” become the “fixed section” and “attached structure” become the “movable section”.

For reaching the ease of assembling and disassembling and also transportation process of the “movable section”, scaffolding structure were considered as the main structure.

3 different position of the “movable section” provide 3 different areas of seating section of café from small to large.

Eventually, to provide more transparency and lightness to cubic and solid nature of container, modular windows has been attached to metal walls of container according to a pattern that kitchen arrangement create. So the ground level of café reach more spatial continuity with the surrounding environment.

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