Risbaaf Factory Renovation-Packaging Museum

  • Type: Cultural
  • Location: Isfahan
  • Status: Idea
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Area: 2000 m2
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli

The city of Isfahan from past to today has undergone many developments and always been one of the major centers of Iran in terms of cultural, artistic and industrial. Isfahan during the first half of the industrialization period played an important role in the textile industry of Iran, with the creation of these factories a new kind of architecture emerged, which is a combination of traditional Iranian architecture with western architecture.

Unfortunately, today a large percentage of these precious heritage have been destroyed and replaced by other buildings. These factories were built on Safavid gardens in the past.

One of the most important factories of that time is Risbaf factory, the only surviving of ten other factories in Isfahan. This concept attempts to step towards the conservation and reuse of these heritage that could play an important role in restoring the lost industrial identity and old memories and sustainability of urban life.The purpose of this concept is revitalization and reuse of Risbaf factory and its interior design.

The use of cultural and educational center is considered for the old Risbaf factory and its design museum, The seven acre area of the Risbaf site provide a wide and diverse space for the design museum, the most prominent parts are museum galleries and educational center, works of industrial design fields will be exhibited in galleries and various fields of industrial design professionally will be taught. The purpose is to become a design hub for our country. Retrieval of industrial personality of Risbaf is another aim in interior design concept.

Context is considered as the main idea, the design inspired by past and present industrial architecture of Risbaf factory and its interior ornaments and decorations.

Mechanical equipment and ventilation are exposed on ceiling, old brick walls of Risbaf factory are all preserved and become the main theme of the interior and exterior,metal columns with wooden ornaments inside the halls are preserved without any interference. The old cement floors for the most parts are damaged and covered with polished concrete, furniture made from raw wood and metal. old patterns and decorations of brick walls, windows, doors and other sections are inspirational elements of interior design, the colors used in the space inspired by colors of the old Safavid tiling.

The revitalization of Risbaf factory shows a method of how convert life sustaining environment in the context of preservation of historical places.

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