Dolce Vita Interior Architecture Competition

  • Type: Residential
  • Client: Dolce Vita Company
  • Status: Idea
  • Area: 250 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli

In this project, according to the limitations mentioned, including the closure of the western and eastern walls of the building, Not having a particular view, and length over the width, It was decided to solve the problems of normal lighting, landscape and air conditioning with three voids, a central garden and a large skylight in this cubic volume, on the other hand, because of the importance of the kitchen space in this project, the main idea of kitchen placement was formed as the main heart of this house and the bridge between private and semi-private spaces, so that the kitchen inside the brick box turned into the heart of the house, there are also voids and skylights around the brick box that have created various views into the interior of this home.

The first void is located on the southwest side of the house, and beside it on the ground floor there is a TV room, the second void is almost located in the middle of the house and it’s near the kitchen, which is created for indirect natural light, ventilation and a pleasant view. The third void has been designed on the northeast side of the house next to the Living room.

The staircase in the middle of the house is also defined by the kitchen and determines the connection between private and semi-private spaces. The kitchen itself is defined above the ground level to provide the same access to the first floor and ground floor and Because of its importance; it becomes the heart of the home. on the top of the kitchen is a small garden that is accessible from the first floor, besides this garden, a big skylight is also provided for kitchen space ,which in different times of the day, creates beautiful playing of light and shadow on the surfaces.

On the first floor of this house there are, master bedroom on the south side and two other bedrooms on the north side and in the middle of floor is garden. Bathrooms are located next to voids and skylights, and bring natural light and beautiful view of the plants to our space. In this house, natural light, nature and air flow are felt; we desired to bring the nature and quality of life into the living space.

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