Jiroft School Competition

  • Type: Educational
  • Location: Dehno , Jiroft , Kerman , Iran
  • Client: Art of Architecture Publication
  • Status: Idea
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Area: 800 m2
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli
  • Awards: 4th Place of Second Judgment

Over the last half century, the unprecedented need for the development of education has emerged in Iranian society, as a result many schools has built but in building these schools the technical standards, environmental considerations and architectural identity are less observed. Most importantly the space within these schools has no effective and supporting role in education of students and this identity crisis has most seen in rural and deprived areas.

Today educational content has been impressive progress, so, with the development of educational content the physical pattern and architecture must be changed.

Hence, we tried to create a place according to children’s educational needs, climate features, historical and native architecture of Jiroft and budget constraints.

In fact, our goal was to restore the spirit of native architecture to this school, classrooms have been arranged around a three central yards and open, semi open and enclosed spaces were placed between three yards, in addition to build a form composition in accordance with the climate, the porches surrounded the yards to make more shadows. The classroom layout is such that the free space between them has created a place for students to relax and chat with each other and more important than that allow us to expand classes in the future.

As the students arrive school entrance, they go down the stairs and come to the first yard, where the west and east side is surrounded by porches, from the first yard they enter into two other yards at a lower level and go to their classrooms. The school central yards make relations and access, they are also a place for students to play together. Between these two other yards office spaces are located and school officials can monitor classrooms, this area is also surrounded by porches and it’s easy to access from anywhere.

Wind catchers designed for classrooms to ventilate the air .planting native trees, is foreseen in yards and southern side of school ground to make shadows and refresh the air.

The Main design ideas

  • Avoiding complicated forms and using simple forms according to the native architecture
  • The school is located on a lower level from the ground to take advantage of soil thermal capacity
  • The porches surrounded yards to create shadows and air circulation
  • Provide class lighting from the northern side
  • Wind catchers for air ventilation
  • Using native materials according to thermal capacity and insulating factors
  • The presence of color in different spaces for legibility and vitality

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