Qadir Tennis Club

  • Type: Recreation & Training
  • Location: Semnan
  • Client: Qadir Sport Complex
  • Status: Design
  • Project Year: 2020
  • Area: - m2
  • Architect: Mehrad Habibi , Shabnam Khezeli

Presenting the design of a complex consisting of separate functions on the site with restrictions of area and proportion to respond the demands of the client, made us, while taking advantage of the maximum area of the site, place the volumetric envelopes on the site in such a way that their functional difference is also physically visible.

To catch more integrity, architectural elements embrace these separate masses and for more new spatial experience, we considered multiple functions for each of those elements.

Among these elements are two upper and lower platforms that covers and connects the hollow spaces and the space among the masses of the main function, also the walls separating the tennis courts, (The existence of which is inevitable), these walls were designed not only to act as walls, but also to create sloping surfaces that are ramps for access to the upper platform, these ramps despite of playing vertical connection role in the complex, provide the experience of watching tennis matches, the activities on the field and also outdoor events on different levels and perspectives for users.

On the lower surface of these ramps, the walls, in addition to their structural role, create porches in the shade for resting, watching and friendly talks, for the athletes inside and passers outside, also framed scenes from tennis court events are also visible to people outside by these porches. The viewing platform are also shaped by folding the surface of the upper plate.

The materials used in this project are: brick used for the main functional masses in line with the clay tennis court and the seamless epoxy surfaces and blue colored cement which is in contrast with tennis court color and brick walls this blue cement, this blue cement, which is seen as one of the obvious characteristics of the complex represent the unified elements of the project which by using the contrasting and uniform properties of their materials, they got continuous quality and strengthen their spatial character and as a place for various activities attracts people. The three patios on the top platform enhance the visual connection, transparency, fresh air and light flow.

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